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It only took forever for me to update our "About Us" page, so I thought I'd let stop in and say "hello" and give you a little more information about who runs this crazy place. 

It's just me!



My name is Michelle Deken and I am the braintrust behind Midnight Scentworks.  I used to be a financial wizard and adult trainer with a well-known investment company.  But one day I got a new boss and learned that sometimes the corporate world can be a little bumpy.  Okay, a LOT bumpy.  So I ditched it.  And I am so much happier!


I love living in the world of providing smiles.  That's what I think of when I think of this business.  Being a part of your celebrations with your baby showers and bridal showers.  Being a part of the smile on your face when your skin smells sweet or is moisturized to the hilt.  Being the bringer of that secret little smile when your other half comments on how good you smell.


Midnight Scentworks started out as Midnight Wax Candle Company.  I love smelly things!  Making candles was a lot of fun, but I found I'd rather be a part of your celebrations and happy times.  My husband - chief software guru and silent partner - says things are so much happier around here now.  We used to schlep our wares to craft shows and fairs, but now we land on your doorstep with our pretty favors and quality bath and body products and this makes me happy.


When I'm not working (which is rarely!) you'll find me:

  • playing with my cocker spaniels, Harley and Casey,
  • knitting up yet another UFO (unfinished object), which is my speciality,
  • reading Harry Potter for the two hundredth time,
  • playing World of Warcraft with my wonderful guild (yes, I'm middle-aged and love to game), and
  • watching any crime show there is on television.


Gratuitous dog photo


I work and live in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri, but if I could live anywhere it would New Orleans, hands down.  The New Orleans Saints are my passion, and that city is just about the most diverse and wild-spirited city I've ever had the joy to visit.  I'll just dream about it for a while ...  Geaux Saints!


Between my fantastic and happy business, a husband, two tween kids, one twenty-something kid, two dogs, and a partridge in a pear tree, I'm pretty content. 


But I don't know one thing - who are you?  What do you do in your spare time?  What do you enjoy?  Share something below!

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